The Hunger Games Avatar Challenge

Hola amigos,

    Here at guys read we are always coming up with jacked up ideas to do on our Tuesday afternoon rituals. We like to find silly or stupid activities based on books. This time we came up with an idea wackier than all others, with the exception of the mentos rockets… Hunger Games- Guys Read style.

     Basically, we are going to make hand made models of our wrestlers and put our models through a series of brutal, horrifying heart-wrenching challenges. We are then going to see who's avatar last the longest and he will be crowned the CHAMPION!

     These challenges includedropping ourselves out of 2nd story windows, Sleep overs in the freezers and book presses.

We all have put our minds to the challenge of thinking of other ideas to torment our avatars and so far we have thought of…

1. Aseries of dunks in a sinkful of water

2. Shooting avatars in the air using a ruler

3. Seeing who can survive 5 hits with a water balloon

4. Being hit by a cricket bat

5. Throwing rocks at the avatar

6. Being shot into the air using a bungee cord (kind of like what they use to shoot t-shirts or water-balloons out at the hockey game)

 Leave a comment and tell us which tasks we should use. You can use our ideas or better yet, come up with your own.

List three of them and we will take pictures and post them up after we do the events.

    Thanks A lot,

             Koko B. Ware


2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Avatar Challenge

  1. Being hit by a cricket bat
    Like in golf! We should so yell “FORE!”
    My choices are:
    -Water balloon launch out the window(kinda a mixture of throwing him out the window and using the very fun water balloon/Tshirt launcher)
    -Dunked in the pond
    Your reddish guy

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