The Undertaker Marks his Birth

Hey Readers,

Today is our friend The Undertaker's birthday.

To mark this huge, monumental occasion The Undertaker and his mother sent in some yummy cupcakes, and thankfully for my classroom, some napkins.


I am getting it from the Undertaker that the silly store was out of the scary skull cupcakes, so he was forced to bring in flower cupcakes, but to make them seem tougher we have christened them "poison flowers of death" cupcakes.


I, your humble leader, even got involved…


Today is also a big day for SMS Guys Read as we are going to start our next silly/stupid activity based on a book we have liked.  This cupcake post is a great transition as we are going to focus on The Hunger Game – SMS Guys Read Style.  Check out the post by Koko B. Ware for more info.

Read on,

Rowdy Roddy


3 thoughts on “The Undertaker Marks his Birth

  1. Hi, this is the undertaker, I wanted the cupcakes to be poisionous, but it would have been a shame if someone wasnt tough enough, and couldnt take the poision. Anyways, the poision flowers of fiery death were good to.

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