Hello all you bloggers and fans sorry I didn't get to share with you the book I was reading last time, I was busy during our meeting. Well I'll share the book I just read, Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083 by Andrea White who is actually the wife of the mayor of Houston. Well in this book "Hot Sauce" or the Secretary of Entertainment sends 5 14-year old kids to re-enact the Robert Scott expedition to the South Pole. I don't want to spoil the end, but I will give you a hint (if Robert Scott was beat by another team, what happens to the kids?) This story really illustrates some of the views about what is important to the government in the future. Like in this story, when the U.S. government goes broke they cancel all funding to their science programs. Imagine that a future where the rich gro wricher and the poor grow poorer and no science left to determine myth from fact.

    I am really going for the point at that where would Earth be in another 50 years without any more scientific discoveries or funding. So hit that comment button and tell me where you think Earth would stand, especially concerning the knowledge lost and what would happen to the classrooms.

Hit that comment button,

Andre the Giant


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