Short Talk, Long Lines

Quail ridge    

     Well me and Tugboat went to the signing of "The Last Olympian" at Quail Ridge Books and Music.  We also met Carl from "Boys Rule Boys Read" and his family there, and lets just say, we all had different of this.  Ill give you the low down on each

GR at Rick Riordan

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat:  I got there early, and met Carl and an old member,  Doink the Clown.  Doink had 5 or 6 books, I myself had four, and Carl had two.  Well, after 30 minutes of waiting in a hot room with 300 or so kids, and even more crowding in the door trying to get in.  He walked down the line, to much FINALLY!'s, and began to rambling.  He said maybe 5 minutes about the new book, and then started on his new series.  Then he left, and began the A! B! C!'s of the cards.  I was there awhile, because I had GG.  I gotta say, the best part was was dinner at Bojangles; yum

i, tugboat, was named a son of hades, which is freaky because me and nico di angelo bear the same name. i ate a 3 pound sub for dinner. by the time we left, it was 9:00. in a later post i'll talk about the new series

GR at Riordan 

Your travelers

Ricky the Dragon and Tugboat


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