The Hunger Games Guysread Style- Day 1

Wassup Readers,

    Here we are, Day 1 of the SMS Guys Read Hunger Games Challenge, the day we have all been waiting for.

I have been informed that we will be dropping the avatars out the  second floor window, squishing our guys under a book presses, Medieval stoning, a sleepover in the freezer, meterstick launching and bungie-cord launches. Sounds like fun right? Well it will be, or my name isn't Koko B. Ware. Or as I will be know today…Koko B Paper clip.


Well once you take into account  that some people have put in extreme effort and detail while others like Andre the giant and I have not. Though I may state that we still stand a very great chance even if our avatars are made out of paper and paperclips and popsicle sticks. The rules state after 3 damages ie (head tearing, limb falling, popsicle stick snapping), your avatar is disqualified.  

Let the best craft win,

       Koko B. Paper clip


2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Guysread Style- Day 1

  1. Hey guys, love the avatar idea!
    Also I would like to tell you guys thanks for the comments on our blog, look forward to reading more.
    Mr. McClung

  2. Hey Koko,
    Go Clip Man! I got your comment and published it today on the blog, along with a response. I didn’t recommend one book but tried to get you to look at some the book links on the left-hand side of the blog. Particularly the list of all books we’ve written about. Lots of good stuff there. If that doesn’t do it for you, send me another comment and I’ll give a few of my favorites.

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