Steam Punk Explained

Steam Punk Tie Fighter and Darth Vader

Dear Readers,

 What is steam punk? It is a blending of past and future. For those of you familiar with Treasure planet, you know what it is. Another example is the Golden Compass. Imagine an island floating in space, with air in space. Your riding a 1700's  steamboat in space. That's steam punk.

We learned about a new steam punk book called Leviathan in our club meeting today. It's a steam punk version of WW1. There are the Darwinists and the Clankers. The Darwinists have bio-engineered war machines, while the Clankers have embraced technology using giant metal monsters. This is a book you must read!  Unfortunately, this book doesn't come out until October.

Have you heard about Steam Punk?  what do you think about this new Scott Westerfeld book?  Can you think of another example of Steam Punk?  Hit that comment button and let us know what you are thinking.

sincerely, steamboat, I mean Tugboat


6 thoughts on “Steam Punk Explained

  1. leviathan sound like and intresting book. i would want to read it because it is about ww1
    when it comes out in october i will look for that book

  2. This sounds very intresting!! I was very intrested reading your blog! I really enjoyed the pictures! Now i find myself looking this up to learn more!!!- Miss Mary Mack

  3. I actually know someone who is into Steampunk. When I cleaned out the library, I gave him some old reel to reel film cases, and he’s going to try to make an overhead into an LCD projector. Pretty cool stuff. I want to read Leviathan now.

  4. Leviathan seems to be a good book. I think this because I listened to a sample of the first chapter in the official Scott Westerfeld website and it gave out some good detail and elaboration of what the story might be about. I recommend this book for fans of steampunk.

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