Adam Bomb and Undertaker’s tips for nagging, take two

    Time for some new and improved nagging tips, straight from the begging bros, Adam Bomb and the Undertaker. For that second book you're trying to get, we have decided to come back and help. So we talked, and now…WE'RE BACK BABY!!!!

 Tip #7:

 The 'cold shoulder' is a good, but last resort, to getting a book. If you do it well you will get the book, but it could take days or your parents could get upset.So remember, LAST RESORT.

Tip #8:

This is an IF: if you have an afterschool activity that you participate in and you NEVER practice say" Mom I'll practice my _________if you buy me This book".

Tip #9:

This is the foolproof plan of all the people who have EVER begged for a book, I am talking about the jewel of the begging world!!! Yes I am talking about ANNOYANCE!!! It never fails(if you use it well) all you do is annoy one of your parents. For example, if you refuse to go somewhere, such as the store, she will get annoyed and give in.

Tip #10:

Tell your parents you'll pay them back soon or say "buy it now and hold it in your room while I work for the money" You'll earn it(eventually).

This is Adam Bomb and the Undertaker and we'll be back with more tips later.

   From your friendly neighbors,

    Adam Bomb and The Undertaker


2 thoughts on “Adam Bomb and Undertaker’s tips for nagging, take two

  1. Ummmm—hate to tell you this, guys, but some ANNOYANCE might backfire on you. It doesn’t work on some parents. Like me. If our child REFUSED to go somewhere or do something we asked… well, it wouldn’t be pretty. If you try ANNOYANCE, you might NEED the undertaker instead of BEING The Undertaker!

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