A new take on EEEEVVVILLL!!!!!!!!

        I recently finished a very cool book called H.I.V.E, also known fondly as Higher Institute of Villainous Educations.  I would really like to share a site, but my good friend Google didn't search harder.  I did find one though, but they seem to want to trick us in a devious plan to buy their ill sold book.  But onto the Ricky the Reviewer review.  Taken from their homes, young prodigies of technology and skills are taken to a secluded island to train in many villainous skills.  But six years of enduring this is too much for the four main villains, and they decide to escape.  Armed Guards, miles of water around them, and all the time being watched by the never sleeping H.I.V.E Mind.  I don't want to spoil too much, so go read it!

Have you read this series? Let us know what you think?

Your dear Villian

Ricky the Dragon


5 thoughts on “A new take on EEEEVVVILLL!!!!!!!!

  1. I think that this is a great group (sms guys read) because it is only for guys and a certain gender together in a group is really gogo good. Especially for guys (little baby boys in middle school)want to grow up and be in all of these reading groups so they can get a college application and I hope you know that I am only writing this so I can practice my keyboarding skils because Mr.Fisher is a really good keyboarding teacher and I want to make him happy because he takes the time out of his schedule to come and teach all of these students how to keyboard and I think that is really nice of him.
    Keyboarding Katie

  2. I think that I have heard of a book called H.I.V.E. and I was wondering what it was about. I saw the Hilighted word “Hive” in your blog bye.
    Bye Bye Berry

  3. I have read the book and I have to say that it’s a very good book.
    I have also read the series and it is also good. I am very impressed with two things in the book; one is the descriptions that it has when describing the various gadgets in the books. The second is that whenever there is a setting the author gives a very detailed description if the place.
    Overall, I give the both books a five out of five!

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