After Leviathan…What’s Next?

Hello Readers,

As you all now know we will be reading Leviathanby Scott Westerfeld when it comes out in early October.  We took a little time out of our last GR meeting to discuss what we would read after Leviathan.

The final decision fell to three senior members of SMS Guys Read, Koko B Ware, The Junkyard Dog and Ricky the Dragon.  Check out the following video to see which of these three guys won final veto power.

After the nail biting, down to the wire rock, paper scissor duel Koko B Ware explains the novels we will attack after reading Leviathan together.

So what do you think of our choices. Are you interested in Leviathan like we are? What do you think of our choices for after Leviathan? Hit that comment button and let us know what you are thinking.

Read on,

Mr. H

formerly Rowdy Roddy


5 thoughts on “After Leviathan…What’s Next?

  1. Hello former SMS Guys Read friends,
    It is I, Doink the Clown, the former SMS Guys Read member. After moving on from Guys Read I came to realize that my new school doesn’t have a book club!! *Gasp* Therefore i am bestowing the task to the senior SMS Guys to get any other older (8th grade)persons to think about planning a book club when they come to my school. (PCHS is the school). Hopefully my quest will be fullfilled and next year a new mighty book club shall rise!!!!

  2. Hey guys,it’s Carl in Charlotte. I’ve just put Leviathan on hold. We don'[t have it in our system yet (in fact, it’s still in the ON ORDER status) but I can’t wait to get it. I’ll tell Darth Bill about your choice to read The Hunger Games and Catchng Fire. He LOVED them! (In fact, he reviewed it just recently–take a look!)

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