Reading Leviathan and Our New Comment Challenge

Hello readers,

Here we are on October 20, 2009 and many of our members have a copy of Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan with them right now. 


I did hear one guy claim his mom would not buy it for him and he was broke, hello library!  On that front, though, another lad claimed to be the fifth on the list for our media center's copies, which are somewhere in book order limbo.

So far Leviathan is a great read.  I am loving the adventure and mystery involved in the two intertwining stories of Deryn Sharp and Aleksandar Hapsburg.  My absolute favorite, so far, is the idea of the Flechette Bat, which the Darwinists use in combat.  The bats eat small, sharp metal bolts and attack buy releasing them…naturally, if you know what I mean.

We here at SMS Guys Read are also big fans of Neil Gaiman and his stories.  Recently he challenges us all to keep his Newberry Award winning novel, The Graveyard Book on the Ny Times bestseller list.  He said if the book stayed on the top ten list for one year there would be pie.  Just recently he had to make good on the challenge a supply pie for everyone at his publisher's office.

The guys and I have decided that we need to keep this idea going on our blog.  So our new comment challenge is that if we can get 10 comments of quality on our blog then at the next meeting their will be pie, or brownies, or candy or some other tooth rotting concoction.

So help us out and make a comment of quality so there will be pie on November 3!  Have you heard of Leviathan?  Would you be interested in reading this steampunk gem?  Give us some of your thoughts or let us know about another book we might be interested in.

Read on,

Mr. H


7 thoughts on “Reading Leviathan and Our New Comment Challenge

  1. ACHTUNG!!This is Baron Karl von Karlman from the Boys Read blog and I’ve just started Leviathan. I’m only into the third chapter but am totally hooked! I believe this book is going to be terrific. Hey, if you want to read something REALLY good and steampunk-related, go get the original WAR OF THE WORLDS by H. G. Wells. The language isn’t that old or difficult and the suspense, action, and horror at those awful Martians are just as strong now as the day it was written. We had a post about about back in 1-15-08 and one of our readers wrote in and told us about it. Check it at

  2. If you enjoy the alternative history aspects of Leviathan, I highly recommened the Alvin Maker series, written by Orson Scott Card. The first book, Seventh Son, takes place in a very different version of early colonial America where magic exists. Actually, I recommend all of Orson Scott Card’s books, especially Ender’s Game. I have heard many people say that they first fell in love with reading after reading Ender’s Game. And…Orson Scott Card lives in Greensboro, NC!

  3. The cover is cool, but it doesn’t look like something I would like to read. I think you should all have brownies, though!

  4. I’m reading Leviathan (abt. 100 pages till the end), and love it. But I may be biased, because I’m a huge Westerfeld fan. I highly recommend all of his other YA books, especially Uglies and Peeps. If you like Westerfeld for the sci-fi aspect, you may also like Skinned, by Robin Wasserman (beware language and content), and The House of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer. For the troubled-people and conflict sides, Laurie Halse Anderson’s Twisted is very good, as are all of her other YA books.

  5. I really like Sci-fi and Fantasy books, so I think Leviathan might be the book for me. I was sooo excited when I heard yiou guys were going to read The Hunger Games!!!! It is really a great book(like a really really really really good book), and I hope you guys enjoy it!!! Oh, and sorry, this comment came a bit too late for your pie:(
    I look forward to your discussions in the future!!!!
    Read for your lives!

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