SMS Guys Read Talks Up Leviathan

Hello Readers,

Yesterday afternoon the members of Guys Read met once again, and after the short formality of signing our new GR charter, we got down to the task at hand…discussing the great steampunk novel Leviathan.

Guys read charter airbrush

Take a look at our video discussions on Leviathan.  The first video is about five minutes long and the second video is about a minute long.  We had to divide it because a school announcement came on toward the end of the first video.  You know how schools are…

Anyway, enjoy the videos and let us know what you think about Leviathan.  Have you read it?  Would you read it?  Hit that comment button and let us know.

Read on,

Mr. H


5 thoughts on “SMS Guys Read Talks Up Leviathan

  1. Mr H i miss guys read alot. i am trying to keeep up with my reading and blogs but i wish i could remember teh blog password. my school has nothing like guys read. thell the gang ric flair has said beelow. oh and cna you have a talk wiith them about the new diary of wimpy kid

  2. hey guys! Leviathan sounds like a good book and I might read it.I like how Mr. H used the term “pooping out nails” šŸ™‚ I would join myself, but I am not a boy…oh, and @S.K. Catching Fire is the best book in the UNIVERSE!!!! Team Peeta!
    Great job, guys! Read On!!!!

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