Swindle…Book #1 Done

Hello Readers,

So I have finished my first book of 2010 and the YA reading challenge.  It might seem a little off, but the first book I have completed is an audio book reading of Swindle by Gordon Korman.  I really love audio books.  I am in the car all the time and nothing makes my commute or errands go quicker than a good story waiting for me in the car.


Swindle is a classic Korman drama with just the right amount of goofiness.  In the story a young boy named Griffin Bing seems to have a great plan for everything.  He has figured out how to get a skate park in his small New York town, he has figured out what to do when the town council ignores his skate park plan and he even has a plan of what to do when he finds an old Babe Ruth baseball card in an abandoned old house.

Griffin decides to sell the card to help with his family's money problems.  I couldn't help but see the similarities between this book and a favorite of mine from last year, Science Fair.  Both books had boys had plans to make money that go horribly wrong.  Anyway back to Swindle.  Griffin decides to sell the card to S. Windle Palomino, a local sports and toy memorabilia dealer.  S. Windle is true to his name and he swindles Griffin out of the very valuable card.

The rest of the story deals with Griffin's plan to get the card back.  It is a great heist book and truly is an exciting climax.  The resolution sort of left me wanting more.  I was hoping for a bit more, but the story as a whole is a fun ride through the slightly warped, but brilliant mind of a sixth grader with the plan.

If you like Gordon Korman books, you will like Swindle and if you liked Swindle their are a few follow ups to keep you going.  Zoobreak is out now and Framed will be out soon.

So one book down and 24 to go.

Keep Reading,

Mr. H


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