Mr. H Talks About His Current Reading

Hello Readers,

Last week we had our first SMS Guys Read meeting of 2010.  During that meeting we talked a bit about the books we have been reading.  The following video is my discussion about the books I have read so far this year and the books I am currently reading.

In the video we introduce a reading debate that we have had before…does listening to audio books count as reading?  Hit that comment button and let us know your feelings about audio books.

Just on a side note, I just noticed that our local library system is now offering audio book downloads, suitable for PC, iPod and other MP3 players.  Does that add a wrinkle to our debate?

Read On,

Mr. H

PS. I am nearly done (11 pages) with Arthur C. Clarke's 2010.  I have been pushing hard for the last day as it is due today and someone else has had the grand plan to read 2010 this year and so I can't renew it.  I have really enjoyed thinking about how a book published in 1982 had foreseen the future.  If you want an interesting Sci-Fi ride that is strangely current, check our 2010.


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