Next Meeting and Peter Lerangis Meeting

Hey Readers,

Just a quick reminder that we will meet again next Tuesday, March 2, at all the same times and places.


  For sixth grade members you will be getting a special one off presentation by Peter Lerangis of 39 Clues fame.  He will talk with the sixth grade for a while and then sign books afterwords.  Later in the day he will be talking at Quail Ridge Books.

If you have The Sword Thief or The Viper's Nest make sure you have them on Tuesday to ge them signed.

All of you seventh and eighth graders will have to wait until Roland Smith comes in April!


One thought on “Next Meeting and Peter Lerangis Meeting

  1. Peter was…pretty cool. I personally don’t really like the 39 clues series and wished that I knew the other books that “Le-gran-ges” Had wrote so that he could have signed them. He was pretty funny too. I also liked that he actually acknowledged my favorite author of all time-Rick Riordan. So yes, I was disapointed with the movie. I also wonder if Riordan will write the last book, since he was so great he got the honor of writing the first book, so it would make sense to have him write the grand finale.

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