A Visit From Peter Lerangis


Hello Readers,

Today the sixth grade members of SMS Guys Read, along with their classmates, not of Guys Read caliber, were fortunate to get to meet and hear a great presentation by author Peter Lerangis.  Most of you will know Lerangis as the author of The Sword Thief (book 3) and The Viper's Nest (book 7)for the 39 Clues series.  Mr. Lerangis visited our school today on a stop along his Viper's Nest book tour.  His presentation was very funny and informative.  If you have not gotten a chance to check out the 39 Clues series, you might want to give it a shot.  I have really enjoyed the last three books and wait anxiously for the last three installments.  On that note we found out today during the presentation that the title for book 8 has been released.  It was written by Gordon Korman and we believe that the Cahills will be off to China in the next book.



So we here at SMS Guys Read would like to know what your thoughts on this series are.  Do you enjoy the 39 Clues or do you find them a bit tedious?  Have you read the series or are you looking for other things to read.  Hit that comment button and let us know what you are thinking.

Read on,

Mr. H

PS.  The 39 Clues presentation today inspired me to start a cool project with the lads.  We have begun an Exquisite Corpse story.  No we are not writing about a magnificent dead body…come on that would be gross, actually if you read our Zombie Haiku post that would be pretty awesome.  Anyway an exquisite corpse story is an old parlor game where someone starts a story and leaves it at a cliff hanger and then the next person adds to the story and then passes it on to the next person and soon you have a full story with many authors.  So look for episode one very soon and check back in two weeks for episode two.


One thought on “A Visit From Peter Lerangis

  1. The 39 Clues books ROCK!!!World-wide conspiracies, secrets hidden for cneturies, exotic locales, edge-of-your-seat suspnse, brain teasers, hidden codes–what more could you want? My family spends a lot of time trying to guess who might do what, who can and can’t be trusted, and what will happen next. Oh, yeah! They rock!

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