SMS Guys Read and the Exquisite Corpse

Hey Readers,

Have you ever heard of the exquisite corpse?  I hadn't until our fearless guru, Jon Scieszka, turned me onto the idea on the website.

We here at SMS Guys Read really liked the idea of trying a serial story of our own.  As the fearless leader of this Guys Read branch I have started the story with episode one.  I really wish I could get the words to crawl off into space like a I saw in a movie a few times.

So here is episode one of our Exquisite Corpse serial adventure.  Please enjoy and check back in for the next installment written by Paul in the next few days.

Read on,

Mr. H

SMS Guys Read Exquisite Corpse Adventure

Episode One

The Key

By Mr. H


Zach saw the small gold glint with the corner of his eye as he hurried down the crowded hallway of Howard Taft Middle School.  Navigating the halls of a middle school during a class change is a tricky enterprise for a normal student, but Zach Meldon was not a normal middle school student.  Zach looked like he could hide behind a coat rack.  He was a tall, thin string bean of a boy.  You can only image the hours of torture and ridicule that life in the suburbs had brought to Zach.

That day, like all days, Zach had tried to stay to the edges of the halls and out of the way of the kings and queens of HTMS.  The small glint of gold had stopped him on his course to life skills class.  He bent down and picked up the small golden key and examined it thoroughly.  It looked like any other key he had ever seen, the only distinguishing marks was the MC stamped in one side of the key and DO NOT DUPLICATE etched on the reverse.  He was already off of his class change timing, so he pocketed the key and hurried on down the hall only to stumble and trip over the outstretched foot of Kane Kong the self-appointed king of Howard Taft Middle.

“Have a nice trip twiggy?” laughed Kane to his usual preppy minions.

Zach collected his books and hurried on to his class as the group of boys ambled on down the hall in the opposite direction.  Zach hated being picked on, but in middle school he had zero power and no way to really do anything about it.  So with this latest attack he simply sucked in his feelings and told himself to solider on.  Someday he hoped he would be able to stand up to those jerks.

The whole rest of his school day had Zach hyper focused on the small gold key now hiding in his front right pocket?  What could it be for?  Who lost it?  Should he turn it in?  Would there be a large cash reward?  Zach pulled the key out and looked down at it as the last few minutes of his last class ticked away.  His last class was social studies, a class he generally liked because the teacher, Mr. Long, was a funny and intelligent instructor that did not suffer the fools like Kane Kong and generally cared for students like Zach and his best friend, John Dunn.

As the bell chimed at the end of class John saw what Zach was looking at and asked him about the key.  Zach retold the story of how he found the key in the hallway and how Kane had tripped him right after and both boys, who were night and day in appearance, Zach was tall and very thin, and John was short and very rotund, agreed how much they hated Kong and his crew.  The two boys were deep in conversation and failed to notice that same crew was on a direct course for them and the eyes of the moron crew told Zach and John that they had better be gone when the boys got closer or they would become numbers one and two one the mean dude hit list.

“Do you see what is coming are way Zach?” said John nervously.

“Let’s get outta here, man,” responded Zach.

“Where should we go, dude?” called John.

Zach and John looked around quickly and noticed a dusty and dark door just to their right.  John reached out and grabbed the door handle only to find it locked tight.  At that moment Zach remembered his key and quickly removed it from his pocket and pushed it into the lock.  The door lock turned over and both boys tumbled into a dark room.  The both looked up and saw…


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