SMS Guys Read Book and Basketball Championship

Dear Readers,

We here at SMS Guys Read find ourselves in the middle of the basketball crazed world.  Major basketball programs are mere miles from our headquarters, but yet many of us couldn't care less who made the round of 64 and who was left out.  Many of us could not tell you one player for the Duke Blue Devils or even where Lehigh even is.  To us this is just another opportunity to add some Guys Read love to an other wise boring, mundane March Madness.

So, without further ado we present to you for your viewing pleasure the SMS Guys Read Book and Basketball Championship.

Download SMSGuysRead_BooksBasketballBrackets

The idea is quite simple, we picked 64 great Guys Read books or series and attached them to universities in the NCAA Tournament.  We tried to give books that were popular in our club or in our school higher seeds.  You will see that Going Bovine (Printz Award) and When You Reach Me (Newberry Award) both have number one seeds  We then took The Hunger Games and Leviathan (club favorites) as the other two number one seeds.  Maybe you agree with us and our seeding, maybe a favorite book of yours is absent (think NIT).  Hit that comment button and let us know what you are thinking.


Now we sit back and let this silly basketball tournament play out.  I don't know about you, but I care very little about the basketball games, especially after the opening rounds end and the same old teams end up playing each other.  I get bored and loose interest by the weekend.  I mean really Marquette vs. Washington means nothing to me, but Hatchet vs. No More Dead Dogs…now I have a dog in that hunt. How about Alan Gratz's The Brooklyn Nine vs. Christopher Paul Curtis and Elijah of Buxton.  Two great historical fiction novels.  Brooklyn Nine takes a four seed and Vanderbilt versus the 13 seed of Murry State.  Come on, Vanderbilt vs Murry State, does anyone outside of the home towns give a care?  I know I care a lot more now that I am currently reading The Brooklyn Nine, come on Vandy!.


So if you are like me and more comfortable in Duke Gardens than Cameron Indoor get ready for a tournament to remember.  I can't recall a NCAA tournament I cared more about than this one, even when I have had money riding on it (which I don't…gambling is wrong and like Frankie says in The Brooklyn Nine…"A suckers bet." 

Enjoy the tournament, let us know what you are thinking and check back in as we update the battles and wait for the upsets.  I personally am hoping UTEP…I mean  Abe Lincoln – Vampire Hunter is the Cinderella team of the tournament.

Read on,

Mr. H.


4 thoughts on “SMS Guys Read Book and Basketball Championship

  1. Mr. H.,
    I love this idea! I’m going to remember this and try it at the elementary level next year!
    Oh… as an alumnus of Marquette, I care about who wins that game!

  2. Oh Boy…I knew I was going to upset someone with my digs against univerities. At least Marquette is big enough to make the tournament. My school (Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota…go fighting wolves) still plays Div. II and is small for that leauge.
    Hatchet (Marquette) is a good book, but I have to pull for No More Dead Dogs (Washington) is this book battle.
    Looking forward to Thursday!
    Mr. H

  3. Hey, I’m trying to put together a list of bloggers who concentrate on books for middle school boys. Other than your great site, do you know of any? Please comment on my blog if you do. Thanks!

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