The SMS Guys Read Exquisite Corpse Episode Two

The Extremely Awesome Chapter of Revealing What is going to Happen after the Extremely Dramatic Ending of Doom from the Last Chapter

…And there it was, the extremely terrifying entity of terror. It raised it’s sword, when suddenly, the lights turned on. It was even worse than what they feared. It was the only thing worse than Kane Kong.

It was the Janitor.

The one thing everyone learned to fear. It was a ruthless cleaning machine, showing no mercy, and disposing of everything in it’s path. And here it was, right in front of them, it’s eyes glaring. And then our beloved hero did what everyone else would do…he wet his pants. Wow! What an amazing hero. But wait, is Mr. String Bean really our hero? Will we have to endure the incredible destruction and fury the janitor will unleash on our hero? Or will he only be thrown in the trash can? All these burning questions will be answered after the short coffee break.

OK, Coffee break over.

Now, where were we? Right. As Mr. String Bean stares death into the eye, an amazing idea hatches in his not-so-miniscule mind. It is the best idea known to man, a skill that they have all mastered (except for some certain fat people), and put into action frequently. Mr. String Bean and his amazing sidekick- Pudgy Boy-who was too scared to look death into the eye, put the amazing plot into action.

They ran.

But not only did they run, they ran screaming through Kane Kong and his minions all the way to Kansas. Okay, maybe not all the way to Kansas, but they did run pretty far…25 yards. Now you may be thinking that isn't very far, but for Mr. String Bean and Pudgy Boy, it was quite a distance. After about three minutes of taking a break, they slowly got up, but only to face a similar (or not-so-similar) fate in the eye….



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