Books and Basketball Championship – Day One In The Bag

Dear Readers,

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me.  I have never in all my years cared so much about a basketball tournament.  I found myself almost glued to games played by teams I couldn't find on a map.

Day one of the tournament did see some big upsets.  How to Train Your Dragon (Old Dominion) must have taken some steam from their upcoming movie adaptation to upset Operation Red Jericho (Notre Dame).  Not to worry though Joshua Mowll is finishing a new book called The Great Space Race that could find its way in to the tourney next near.

Little Ender's Game (St. Mary's of California) managed to act as god killers as they took down the higher ranked Gods of Manhattan (Richmond).

Peter and the Starcatchers (Northern Iowa) made 8th Grade really Bite as they sent 8th Grade Bites (UNLV) back to Vegas.

One big buzzer beater that I was happy to witness, but upset with the outcome.  The darling of my bracket, The Brooklyn Nine (Vanderbilt) looked like they might just have the guts to take down Elijah of Buxton (Murry State), or at least take them to overtime, but in the dying seconds Elijah channeled their inner Michael Jordan and struck out the Brooklyn team.

The other games all ended as predicted.  At this point the next round will see..

Going Bovine take on Peter and the Starcatchers

Simon Bloom versus Harry Potter

A Whole Nother Story against Elijah of Buxton

Diary of A Wimpy Kid takes on the very strong Cryptid Hunters

The Mysterious Benedict Society vs. How To Train Your Dragon

Little Ender's Game takes on The Maze Runner

When You Reach Me easily moves on to meet Tales From Outer Suburbia

39 Clues takes out it's daddy in The Lightning Thief and get to face No More Dead Dogs (who also is sort of a daddy here)

Enjoy the games today.  Check back tomorrow as we finalize the first round.

Read On,

Mr. H


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