Oh How the Mighty Will Fall

Dear Readers,

Tonight we must celebrate the underdog.  Tiny Peter and the Starcatchers(Northern Iowa) a number 9 seed has taken down the mighty Printz winning novel Going Bovine (Kansas) a number 1 seed. 

The Mad Cow Disease must have caught up with the Jayhawks allowing an inspired game by the Barry and Pearson novel. 

Little Ender's Game (St Mary's) is becoming a darling of these games as they took down the number two seeded Maze Runner(Villanova) this afternoon.

At this time Harry Potter (Tennessee), A Whole Nother Story (Butler), No More Dead Dogs (Washington)and The Mysterious Benedict Society (Baylor) have all advanced to the next round.

That's all for tonight.  We still have a few games in progress, but I am signing off.

See you tomorrow.

Read On,

Mr. H


One thought on “Oh How the Mighty Will Fall

  1. The only team in the tourney worth worrying about is Ender’s Game, yo. I just wish it had been matched up in the first round with The Lightning Thief. Ender would have throttled that weakling Percy—and I would have laughed the whole time.
    Go Ender. Go Bean. Go Petra.
    Beat the Buggers.
    The world is counting on you!

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