Bring On The Sweet Sixteen

Dear Readers,

We have completed the inaugural weekend of the SMS Guys Read Books and Basketball Tournament and let me just say it has been a wild one.

While many of the top seeded teams still are alive, many upsets have caused this year's tournament to get very exciting.  Who would have every thought that the Printz winning Going Bovine (an early pick to win it all) would fall to Peter and the Starcatchers!

I am very interested to see how One Small Step(Cornell) handles the Newberry winning When You Reach Me (Kentucky) who have been destroying all in their path.

So here comes a much needed little break until the battle resumes next Thursday.

Bring on the Sweet Sixteen…

Midwest Region

 9. Peter and the Starcatchers (Northern Iowa) versus 5. The Schwa Was Here (Michigan State)

6. Harry Potter (Tennessee) versus 2. The Roar (Ohio State)

West Region

1. Hunger Games (Syracuse) versus 5. A Whole Nother Story (Butler)

6. Mudshark (Xavier) versus 2. Cryptid Hunters (Kansas St.)

East Region

1. When You Reach Me (Kentucky) versus 12. One Small Step (Cornell)

11. No More Dead Dogs (Washington) versus 2. Science Fair (West Virginia)

South Region

1. Leviathan (Duke) versus 4. Doom Machine (Purdue)

3. The Mysterious Benedict Society (Baylor) versus 10. Ender's Game (St. Mary's)

So who is your pick?  Who will win it all?  Is your book out?  How are you feeling, hit that comment button and let us know what you are thinking!

Read On,

Mr. H


3 thoughts on “Bring On The Sweet Sixteen

  1. Wow, as a teacher and mom of a high school basketball player, this is really fun! It pairs our two loves, books and basketball. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  2. I think that When You Reach Me will win the whole tournment. They were number one seed in their divishon, and I have seen them play they realy know what they are doing. Go When You Reach Me!!!

  3. As a high school teacher, and UW alumni, I have to root for No More Dead Dogs. Lets see if the underdog can be victorious.

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