Oh How The Mightly Will Fall…Again

Dear Readers,

Well the Book and Basketball Championship has seen another early exit for a powerful number one seed.  The Hunger Games just couldn't get their game together as the sock puppet of A Whole Nother Story ushered them to the end of their games.

Dr. Cuthbert Soup smashes the Orange

I wonder if the players from Syracuse will return to find their campus in rebellion and revolt?

In other tournament news When You Reach Me (Kentucky) easily took out the darling of the round, One Small Step(Cornell).  Science Fair (West Virginia) managed to get by No More Dead Dogs (Washington) but neither team really wanted to hold on to the ball.  Cryptid Hunters (Kansas State) also handled their opponent, Mudshark(Xavier) without any real trouble.  On a side note Roland Smith, author of Cryptid Hunters along with lots of other great Guys Read books will be visiting our school on April 6.  I, of course, will be tracked out and will miss him. Bummer!

Tonight we start it back up again.

Enjoy the games and check back for some updates.

Read On,

Mr. H


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