The Final Four

Dear Readers,

Sorry to be getting this information out a bit late, but I like Forrest Gump have been enjoying some time on our nation's capitol.  I read about the final four teams in my complementary USA Today.

I have to say that I was a bit shocked to see A Whole Nother Story (Butler) there.  I was convinced that Cryptid Hunters (Kansas State) had that bracket in the bag.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Science Fair still alive.  I didn't completely hate When You Reach Me (Kentucky), but I surely enjoyed Science Fair (West Virginia) much more.

The Schwa Was Here (Michigan State) and Leviathan (Duke) round out the final four.  What is you pick to win it all?  I have to say that even though I was born in Lansing and my dad was a professor at Michigan State, I have to pull for that crazy sock puppet and A Whole Nother Story (Butler) to pull a big upset and take it all.

See you in the finals!

Read On,

Mr. H


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