What I’m Reading…

Dear Readers,

So I'm tracked out right now, for those of you not familiar with the year-round model of schooling, that means I am on one of my four yearly three week breaks.  Now I am faced with an interesting challenge.  My Kindergarten daughter is also a year-rounder and for her time off she has been asked to keep a track-out journal.  We have decided that as her little brother takes his afternoon nap she and I would write, read and play games.  I wondered what I would write as she was doing her journal and then our trusty SMS Guys Read blog jumped to the front of the list.  I have been having a great time writing about the Books and Basketball Tournament, but as that ends this evening I am faced with time to write and the question of what to write about.

Today I will take up the question "What are you reading right now?"

Over track outs I always bring home a bag of books, hit the libraries and just plain pile to books up next to my desk.  I am like a kid in the candy store with eyes way to big for my stomach.  I'm never quite sure how to pick the next book, with so many great titles to choose from.  The book I just finished was The Brooklyn Nine by Alan Gratz.  Mr. Gratz came to our school a few years ago and since then I have been a big fan and follower.  I'm not a huge baseball fan, but his story about a family in love with baseball over the generations made me want to watch some of our national pastime.  It truly is an interesting story, both from a sport point of view and a historical point of view.  After I finished I passed it on to my New Yorker Mother in Law who has been eating it up as well.

After The Brooklyn Nine I took on another historical fiction novel this time…The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg.  Well, the buzzer just went off and I guess you will have to tune  in next time for my take on Homer P. Figg's adventures.

Read On,

Mr. H


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