And So We Must Have A Winner

Dear Readers,

Did you get a chance to see the nail-biter of a basketball game last night, or did you like me just catch the highlights on Sportscenter this morning?  I almost feel bad that I went off to read and bed when the game was 13-12 A Whole Nother Story (Butler).  I guess I thought that Leviathan would roll on like they have in the past.

And so we have a winner… a big congratulations to Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld.  It was a hard fought win and a challenging tournament.  If you have never read Leviathan please do all of us here at SMS Guys Read a favor and check it out.  We loved the book and anxiously await the follow-up know as Behemoth.  I know Westerfeld is working on it right now. 

If you have read Leviathan like most of us in the club you can do one of two things.  We always said that we would read the winning book or read something by the winning author, that means you can read another Scott Westerfeld book or you can give the runner up a try.  A Whole Nother Story came just inches away from knocking the mighty Leviathan out of first place, so maybe it deserves a look?

I hope you have enjoyed the Books and Basketball Championship.  I know I have a new respect for the tournament and can't wait for next year and a new bunch of books.  Did you hear that the NCAA is planning to expand the field to 96 teams?  We might need some reader help next year to find 96 worthy books.

Read On,

Mr. H

PS. If you read yesterday's post about me writing while my daughter is writing, then you will have to check back in tomorrow for an update and review of The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg as I only have 2:49 until DEAR time starts.  Check back in tomorrow.


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