What I’m Not Reading Right Now, but Wish I Was

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I finished The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg and like I thought it ended in a fairly predictible way, that honestly wasn't all that exciting.  Homer and his brother Harold do live through the Battle of Gettysburg, so that is something I suppose.

Now I find myself in that wonderful and vexing place of having just finished a book and needing a new book to read.  For me having a new book to read is no problem I have piles of books I want to read, I just can't get to them all.  I do know what I plan to read next, I have A Whole Nother Story on reserve in the local library and plan to pick it up this afternoon, but for the rest of this blog entry I thought I would talk a bit about some of the books and authors waiting paitently in my To Read piles…

If you liked our Books and Basktball Champion, Leviathan than here are a few other Steampunk books worth a look…

Recently I read a review of Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve.  I knew Reeve from the fantastic Larklight novel.  I also knew about his Mortal Engines series, but never really gave them a shot.  After reading the review of Fever Crumb which comes in as a prequel to the Mortal Engines series I was draw back into his world of cities that can move and eat other smaller cities.  To me this is such an interesting, challenging idea that I want to give this series, along with the other stories in the Larklight series another look.

If Reeve isn't your thing how about another English writer, this time Joshua Mowll, who wrote Operation Red Jericho and the Guild Triology.  This series boarders on Steampunk, but really is just a great adventure in the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea vain.  I have only read Operation Red Jericho, so the other two books in the series wait for me.

So there you go, a few series to keep you Speampunk lips moving.  I am off to read some Dr. Cuthburt Soup.  I plan to write a little about books that remind me of A Whole Nother Story Next, so stay tuned.

Read On,

Mr. H


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