A Whole Nother Story is Like…

Dear Readers,

Happy Monday, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  The weather in our part of the world has been fantastic.

Today I thought I would write a little about my initial feelings about the book A Whole Nother Story and then compare it to a few titles that it makes me think of.

I am 55 pages into A Whole Nother Story and let me tell you it is a whole nother kind of book.  The book opens with a quote that very much interested me…"The pen is mightier than the sword, though both can ruin a good shirt."  Great quote, right?  I thought it interesting as we made some SMS Guys Read shirts a few years ago with the following quote printed on the back…

P1250371   P1250373 

(sorry about the wrinkles, I had to rescue it from the the dirty clothes basket for this picture)

Each chapter of this funny and strange book begins with a page of unsolicited advice.  The advice is silly, but can be useful.  The advice on tattoos is spot on. The story is about three siblings, who are relatively odor free, and their inventor father.  At this early part of the story things are still being revealed to me, but I have that the family is always on the run, because the dad has invented things that government agencies and baddies would all like to posses.  I also know that the mom was a great lady and she is gone.  I'm not sure where yet, but it could be a tragic situation.

The story is good so far.  I call it silly not always laugh out loud funny, but worth the read time. As for titles it makes me think of a few books have popped into my head.  I would compare it to MT Anderson's Jasper Dash trilogy, starting with Whales On Stilts.  It also has an air of The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.  The Benedict Society is not a humerus book, like this one, but the way the mysteries are playing out is very similar.

If you are looking for that laugh out loud, spit Coke out your nose kind of book than we always recommend Science Fair by Dave Barry and Ridley Pierson.

So go grab a silly book and get reading…I'm off to continue my time with A Whole Nother Story.

Read On,

Mr. H


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