SMS Guys Read attacks The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Hello Readers,

What a great way to title a long overdue blog post!  Nothing like comparing reading to an attack to get guys interested.

We here at SMS Guys Read are in fact preparing to jump into another group read.  We have aquired seven brand new copies of The Red Pyramid via Mr. H's Scholastic book order bonus point bank.

The way I see it we will begin reading the book tomorrow and have members comment here as they read.  Anyone out there who has also read the book is welcome to comment along with us.  If you have not read the book already, please join us.

Member in good standing (and anchor for our champion Battle of the Books team)  Sean has already read The Red Pyramid and left a great comment to get us going…

THE BOOK WAS AWESOME! For those who have already read the book, I thought that the funniest part was with the "magic salsa" and ——- turning into a cow. (no spoilers for those who haven't read the book!)

-Sean L.

So have you read The Red Pyramid? Do you plan to?  Do you want to join us for some commenting?

Join us starting tomorrow as we attack Riordan's new series.

Read on,

Mr. H



3 thoughts on “SMS Guys Read attacks The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

  1. I bought my copy of The Red Pyramid, Fellas.
    I needed something to light my grill with this summer. I figure that his 528 pages ought to do the trick!
    FINALLY: Something a Rick Riordan book is good for!
    Mr. F
    PS: The Lightning Thief made for great bedding for my hamster. He peed all over it for months!

  2. When I purchased this book on the internet, I stayed up till 12 daydreaming about the moment it would arrive.
    When I got it, I read the book 4 times.
    Oh I wont use it as a potty pad for my dog, or for my dads new coal burning grill.

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