The Red Pyramid Reviews

Hello Readers,

We here at SMS Guys Read have been attacking, viciously the new Rick Riordan book, The Red Pyramid.


Today we would like to take a few moments and share some of our views and thoughts on this excellent new novel.  So Mr. H is sitting at the laptop and the lads are grouped around holding copies of the book and are ready to begin a discussion.

First off What is your favorite scene or character so far?…

Tate says…uh Salsa.

Mr. H….Please explain just a bit further!

Tate…When Carter and Zia blow up the Salsa vats to destroy Sekhmet.

Nate…Hey like what page?

Gabe…My favorite scene was when Carter says "Shut up Sadie, yes I'm getting to that part."

Mr. H…Isn't it wild to read a book that is done from two points of view.  Changing from Carter to Sadie was a little strange but an interesting twist.

Nate…Actually my favorite scene was when Carter and Sadie's dad blows up the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum.

Sean…I, like Tate like the salsa part, well actually Sekhmet is bloodthirsty and wants lots of blood and when she gets lots of blood she turns into a cow and she seemed to think that the salsa was blood and drank it until smoke came out of her ears!

Vinny…When Amos introduced Carter and Sadie to the animals in the Brooklyn mansion, Khufu the baboon and Philip of Macedonia the white croc.

Mr. H..I also loved the albino croc named Philip and the fact that Khufu only eats things that end in O, like cheerios, doritos and flamingos.

So to all of you out there reading our humble blog, today only 11 of you, tell us what your favorite scene or characters are and hit that comment button to share your thinking.  We would love to hear from you…plz (that is from Vinny, Mr. H thinks it looks a bit silly.)

We also took a quick look at the new series that Rick Riordan is writing about Camp Half-Blood. Mr. H found a locked website with some secret chapters of the new book called The Lost Hero.  The code was given out at a huge book expo, but if you are sneaky you might be able to find the code out there in the wide world of the internet.  The first chapter is called Jason!

Read On,

Mr. H and the Guys

PS…We also started looking at The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and we will have some great photos of our attempts to fold one of those crazy little things.  Check back in a few days!


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