The Strange Case of Origami Yoda or Origami is Really Hard!

Hello Readers,

The other day we had our last SMS Guys Read meeting of the school year.  Being on the year-round schedule means we will take the month of July off and be back to school and back to GR meetings in August. 

At our final meeting we reviewed The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan and then introduced a new book called The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  The book is really funny and I think the guys will really enjoy reading it.  Not only did we talk about the book, but we started trying to fold some of our own origami Yoda.  The book has an instruction set in the back and the website has something like four or five sets of really challenging instructions.




Our member Sean is an origami genius and helped, and made us look foolish, as we folded Yoda.  Check out a few pics from the meeting.




DSC01662  DSC01665 DSC01664

So check out the website and some of the whacked out instructions out there and let us know if you can fold an Origami Yoda.

Read and Fold on,

Mr. H


7 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda or Origami is Really Hard!

  1. Wow!
    It looks like Sean has folded Fukiami Kawahata’s Origami Yoda!!! That’s serious business! I’ve never even tried it. Well done!
    Really hope you guys enjoy the book!
    -Tom Angleberger
    p.s. I’ll repost one of your Yodas on if you don’t mind…

  2. That was the world’s EASIEST Yoda…Just 5 folds that didn’t even have to be accurate…I didn’t see how the whole SMS Guys Read could even mess up on that. So it was either I was good at origami, or you guys were bad. Or both. Those of you that was there that day might be thinking, “shut up Sean!”-well, sorry!

  3. Are you gong to put something about the Harry and the Potters band (or the Draco the Malfoys band) on Guys Read?

  4. WE ARE ON THE ORIGAMI YODA WEBSITE NOW!!! I was checking every other day, and I am so excited that a little club in a random school actually got on an author’s website! I finally got to buy the book a few days ago because of a deal on, so I can read it again and again without checking it out (or renewing it) from the library!

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