Behold… Behemoth

Hello Readers,

Check out what I just got my hands on…

I got an email from our school media specialist a few days ago asking if we would be interested in a school visit from Scott Westerfeld?  “Westerfeld at our school?” I asked with my jaw on the floor.  She said yea and then told me to come down to the media center, as she had a gift for me that was a surprise.  When I went down, we talked about how excited having Westerfeld come and what we could do to promote the visit and how I could get the SMS Guys Read fellows involved.  Then I said what we really needed was an ARC of the Westerfeld book Behemoth.  Mrs. D then whipped out that very book and handed it over! 

I am currently 77 pages in to the story and if you read and enjoyed Leviathan like we did then I think you will enjoy the new book.  I am looking forward to the final version of the book, the ARC I have is sort of incomplete with just a boring white cover and no illustrations.  I am lucky that the in book illustrations are there and just as awesome as the pictures in Leviathan.

So I will continue to read and then hand the ARC off to the lads in the club and we will post more of our thoughts here soon.

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3 thoughts on “Behold… Behemoth

  1. Nice to see that Guysread is still going, unfortunately for me and some of the other former Guysread members can no longer be there. I just requested Behemoth, but is that really the cover, there’s no cool looking picture like the first book? Well, I’ll still be checking the blog so keep up the good work.

  2. No Way! You’ve got Behemoth AND you’re getting Scott Westerfeld??? The next sound you’ll hear is the steam escaping from my jealous brain!! Wow, this is great, guys. Keep us informed on when he comes and how you like the book.

  3. WHEN IS HE COMING?!! I WANT TO BE THERE!!!!! Like Junkyard Dog, I will also be commenting and checking on the blog. But seriously. when is he coming? I want my book signed!

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