Harry vs. Vader

Hey Readers,

At our last meeting I gave out some SMS Guys Read blog assignments to the lads and Sean has produced our first example.  Check out the link and let us know what you think.

Harry vs. Vader

Read on,

Mr. H


3 thoughts on “Harry vs. Vader

  1. This is so awesome it blew my pants off.

    P.S. Mr. H I want new pants
    P.S.S. I also want to have underwear(NEW)
    P.S.S.S.Iwant your pants
    P.S.S.S.S. About the under wear if you buy me under wear from the goodwill (GCF) it wil be very akward (it’s would used)!

    Sean could use some of those jean diapers.

  2. I was looking at my comments for the thing I did (if your not paying attention Harry vs Vader) and I saw your comment Jason. I don’t want jean diapers and I’ve never heard of them. But Mr.H’s ties are cool.

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