Why I hate Scholastic

Right now, I’m not in the best mood, would you like to know why??


In my opinion Mockingjay is going to be one of the best books of the year. But until Sunday or Monday, the pathetic waste of a book company, also known as Scholastic, FINALLY processed my book and its being shipped. This news gave me some hope but then Mr. H. told me that it would be here around Friday. This really made me angry. Come on be honest, you can’t brag about having a book 3 days after the release date. I’m still “satisfied” that my book didn’t get in a crash and was in ruins. It’s so weird that the Arrow book order came in a few days and the Tab book order is supposed to come one week later. Mr. H told us that no schools are in right now so our book order was one of the few in the U.S.A. The first question I had in my mind was How long does it take to process one book order?” Well apparently it takes about 1 week. So to sum it all up I hate Scholastic, I’m very inpatient and I WANT MY BOOK. I don’t really hate Scholastic, I just hate that they haven’t given me my book yet, take a chill pill people.

Faithfully submitted by

 Armon K

(disclaimer…I don’t really hate Scholastic Books, in fact I quite enjoy getting books in the mail at school, paid for by mom and dad, I just really want Mockingjay!)


3 thoughts on “Why I hate Scholastic

  1. Well about 5 minutes after I posted my blog Mr. H informed me that my book will be here tomorrow. WOW its a bit awkard i posted a blog that says I hate Scholastic and now i LOVE Scholastic.

    Armon K

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