Mockingjay Held Hostage

Dearest Readers,

Today we had our second meeting of the 2010-2011 school year and it was a meeting none of us will soon forget.  The meeting began with the usual structured chaos, we talked about the new Guys Read book, Funny Business and how the new Mockingjay books were being held hostage by the United Parcel Service.  We knew our books were on the truck and were out for delivery, but we still did not have books when the meeting began.  So, to pass the time we talked about a few of the books were were reading. Take a look at Mr. H’s video

Our new member Armon has been waiting somewhat patiently for hsi copy of Mockingjay to arrive.  Take a look at his video and his review of the new Grisham novel for young readers.

We had a wild end to the meeting that took a review about the latest 39 clues novel and turned it into a mad sprint to the front office and new Mockingjay books.  Check back in soon to see the chaotic end to our latest meeting.

Read on,

Mr. H


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