Adam Canfield Watch Your Back Review

Hey Readers,

I received this review a few days ago and just found a few moments to post it here.  Enjoy…

I recently read Adam Canfield Watch Your Back! by Michael Winerip, and I thought that it was a pretty good story about a kid reporter who has uncovered the evil Mrs. Boland’s plot to destroy the Willows (a poorer neighborhood) and put up mini-mansions.  It was a very good story, that is, until I got to the end.  Before the end Adam has been mugged, had his newspaper “slashed” (this is a play on words, read the book to understand), and has generally been feeling bad.  Yet at the end of the story he acts as if nothing bad happened and most of you would think you should feel happy for him.  Well guess what, I’m not most of you.  At the end I thought ‘How can you feel happy after being mugged and having your newspaper destroyed?’  I also thought ‘This is not a good ending.  He just got his news story about Mrs. Boland published in the New York Times by an author he met and then, nothing.’  That’s it, the end, fin, al final, alla fine, diwedd, mwisho, kraj (by the way I’m not making them up they all mean “the end” in some language).  I suggest that you only read the first book (Adam Canfield of the Slash).

Respectfully submitted by Michael C


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