Leviathan to Behemoth

      Say this as loud as you can:”Leviathan is awesome” … I’m guessing you did not scream any thin in th last 2-4 seconds. Well, that is most certainly,how do I put it? NOT okay! I say this because the book Leviathan is awesome. It has action,suspense,cool illustrations, cool machines ,and amazing creatures. It takes place in Europe, during WWI. But it’s not regular WWI it takes place in sort of a different world. It’s Drawnists vs. Clankers.  Drawnists use fabricated animals that can be anything and do what the humans want them to do. Clankers have a lot of technology and make big machines (almost like Star Wars machines). I won’t say any more because I will give the story away.

      Now Behemoth is coming out soon and I have got to read. But even though the book is not out lucky Mr.H has a A.r.c., Aka Advanced Reader Copy. Oh yeah I’m very happy Scott Westerfeld is comming to our school.

       -sean s


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