I Have Finished Behemoth!

@hutchinsonjm Thanks for the great review. But SO MANY SPOILERS!

                                                                                                          – @ScottWesterfeld


After a few fun Twitter exchanges with Scott Westerfeld and some interesting conversations with some of the lads between classes today I have decided to put the huge warning banner up on Michael’s book review to protect the readers who do not want to go into the great new novel Behemoth with their minds already blown.

Be warned that the following review, although insightful and well written, is chock-a-block full of important plot details and may enlighten you in ways you would rather get from Westerfeld’s work.

Read on,

Mr. H


I have finished Behemoth and only one question remains in my mind.  When do I get the next book?  You may be wondering ‘What is so great about Behemoth?’  Well I’ll share my review with you.  In Behemoth Midshipman Deryn/Dylan Sharp is in up to her neck…again.  The Leviathan is headed to Istanbul to keep the Ottoman empire out of the war by using the mysterious eggs stored in the machine room.  Before they even get to Istanbul (Constantinople) they confront two German ironclads.  One of the ships is armed with a new weapon designed to blast airships out of the sky.  But the ships get away and the Leviathan gets to Istanbul.  Right after it lands there is a great couple of pages involving an elephant walker, lassoes, and the “meanest and reddest looking bag of spices”.  Then it goes back to the Leviathan where Alek manages to escape with Bauer, Klopp, and a newly hatched beastie from one of the mysterious eggs.  Then a little later Deryn gets assigned a secret mission having to do with kraken nets.  Her men get captured but she gets away.  She finds Alek who has at this point joined a group that starts the revolution to throw out the sultan.  She helps him and so does Bovril (the mysterious creature not the meat extract).  They attack the new weapon that the Germans were building (it is just like the one on the ship only bigger and on land).  Then the Leviathan leads a brand new creature against the ironclads.  That’s pretty much the story.  By the way I forgot to mention that Count Volger knows Mr. Sharp’s little secret (Wink, wink).  That is all I’m going to tell you for now.

Keep Reading,

Michael C


5 thoughts on “I Have Finished Behemoth!

  1. Since Mr H asked me to write what I thought of the reivew…gave al ot away, or just perfect I choose…WAY to much was given away. I agree with Scott Westerfeld WAY TO MANY SPOILERS!!! Even to many if you are half way through the book (I think I’m only on chapter 5). You gave the story away. In Leviathan to Behemoth…
    https://smsguysread.wordpress.com/2010/09/08/leviathan-to-behemoth/ …gave about nothing away. But since I know big parts of the story I’m still reading Behemoth.

  2. one more thing, that little blake strip on the spine of the ARC version of Behemoth is really good. It’s not like the paper back of Leviathan where it stays open. It gets really annoying when paper backs sit open.

  3. Whooooooaaaaaaaaa…

    Mr. Hutchinson, a random teacher (an AWESOME random teacher) , has been twittering with freakin’ SCOTT WESTERFELD!!! First, the origami yoda comment, and now this…

    Guys read is being known by authors a little bit more day after day!

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