Fight the Vampire Snowball, Read Fat Vampire

Hello Readers,

I have recently finished a book that is worth a quick review on SMS Guys Read.  As many of you know vampires and the undead are huge in our world of media.  You can throw a stone in any direction and hit a vampire TV show, movie or kissy YA novel.  With this in mind I thought I would give Adam Rex’s Fat Vampire a try.  It seemed like it was going to be a funny poke at the recent vampire snowball effect.

I managed to jump into the digital age by downloading a digital copy of Fat Vampire from our public library system’s new digital download lending service.  This allowed me to listen to the audiobook on my iPod.  It was a cool experience and I have now moved on to Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

I was right it is a funny book and it does poke a lot of fun at the idea of teenage undead.  The story follows a 15 year old boy named Doug who easily fits into many of the nerd categories.  He likes comics and attends Comic-Con in San Diego.  He likes the idea of girls, but has no idea how to talk to them.  He has a best friend that he steps all over and treats poorly at times.  He loves TV and hangs out with the drama kids.

Doug, it turns out, has been attacked by a vampire over the summer and now must deal with the fact that he is a 15 year old, pudgey master of the night.  He has to deal with his new appetite for blood and how he will not feed on another guy and doesn’t want to kill anybody so he ends up eating a lot of cow blood.  He also has a TV vampire hunter close on his tail, a mysterious society of vampires to meet with and a lovely Indian exchange student to woo.  The story is full of funny scenes, Doug trying to feed on a panda at the San Diego zoo and getting tased by security sticks in my mind, and is well worth your time.

With this note I feel like I must put a small disclaimer on my review and explain that this book would certainly be rated PG-13 if not R in the film version.  Fat Vampire is categorized as a Young Adult book and from what I can tell that means that the author usually writes about high school kids and those kids usually swear. The language in Fat Vampire is a bit rough and some of the teenage situations are not for the younger readers I would advise.

I once attended an author visit from Carl Hiaasen when he was doing a book tour for his latest novel for young readers, Scat.  He opened the floor for questions and a young boy, holding both Hoot and Flush asked, “Why do you use bad language in you books?”  Mr. Hiaasen’s response was simply kids and real people swear, and he wanted to write books that looked and sounded like real people do.  I suppose I understand that logic, and certainly do not want anyone out there reading this post that I am for banning books or not allowing a kid to read a novel written for young people, I just want you to be aware of what you might find.

As always read on children of the night,

Mr. H


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