Behemoth Review (no spoilers,I hope)

     I finished the A.R.C copy of Behemoth. It was so much better than Leviathan. I liked that the book had more action.  As they traveled around Istanbul they got into a lot of trouble with other people. On thing I like is the fact there was a funny little character. I won’t tell more because of the last review by Michael.  On thing liked was the suspense if Deryn was going to tell her secret to Alek. Maybe it’s just because it’s the A.R.C copy but I would like to see some more pictures because I really like seeing what’s really going on. I also liked the twists when something happens and then a problem comes up then they solve it.

    The creativity of the book is also great. I think that the different animals and machines really make the book better. The Clankers have really cool machines. The thought that had gone into the machines was amazing by Scott Westerfeld. Also the various beasties created by the Darwinists are awesome. It is also cool to see how resourceful the characters are. I really liked Bovril. You’ll have to read the book to find out who Bovril is. NOT BEEF TEA, but Bovril was named after beef tea. Out of all the clankers and beasties Behemoth is the mightiest.           

  Bovril by Gravitywave -Sean


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