Happy New Guys Read Book Day!!!

Dearest Readers,

Today is a big day in the world of Guys Read.  This is the day that the first edition of the new Guys Read Library…Funny Business was released.  The idea for the new set of books plays on the original idea of pulling a huge group of great guy authors and have them write for guys.  This time they took the theme of humor and asked another group of guys (and one girl) to write a short story. I personally have been waiting for this book for a really long time.

It looks just awesome!

I stopped by our local indie bookshop , Quail Ridge Books, after school today to pick up my copy and was lucky to get the only three copies they had in the store.  I now have one for my personal library and two for the school library.  I was a little upset today as the Guys Read website didn’t have any hoopla or announcement on their page and the books I found at Quail Ridge were still on a shelving cart.  I guess I was expecting a huge release with cardboard cutouts and huge piles of books right up front.  Oh, well it was a big day for me and I look forward to jumping into the book this evening.

Prepare to have you mind blown!

Read on Guys,

Mr. H

ps. Adam Rex, one author and  the illustrator of the new Funny Business book did put a post up on his blog about the new book.  David Yoo has an announcement as well.


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