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Hello again Readers,

I have been pushing through a few books at the same time of late and at this early morning hour I am very nearly finished with one and at a very late hour last night I completed the other.

The story goes that I have been reading the new Guys Read: Funny Business book since I managed to get a copy of it last Tuesday afternoon.  I was two stories away from finishing it last night at about 9:35. 

The other book I was listening to was a digital download of the final 39 Clues book, Into the Gauntlet by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  I was very nearly done listening to that story and decided to suck in the next digital book to my iPod before bed. 

Now this digital checkout system that our county library has rolled out is a cool idea and has a much better selection of titles, and is easier than stopping by branches to check out books, or waiting for a book or audiobook to make its way from another distant branch to my local branch, but it is a challenging media trick to get everything in line and on the iPod.

Sometimes I get the book downloaded easily and quickly, other times I get half of the book or it takes an hour to transfer the book from computer to iPod.  Last night I lost the end of The 39 Clues and had to wait until about 10:40 to get my next book, The Lightning Thief to transfer.

Now 10:40 might not be a late night for you, but I get up at 5:05 AM on school days and 10:40 is way past my be time.  But, I needed a new audiobook for the commute and have been wanting to reread The Lightning Thief for a while now, for reasons that will be coming soon, so I bit the bullet and stayed up late waiting for the file transfer to end.

During that time I was lucky enough to finish the new Guys Read book.  Guys Read: Funny Business is a great start to a new forthcoming GR library.  The book is edited by Jon Scieszka again and is chock full of masters of middle grade writing like, Eoin Colfer, Christopher Paul Curtis, Jeff Kinney, David Lubar and even Kate DiCamillo.

My favorite stories were Will by Adam Rex and Kid Appeal by David Lubar.  

Will tells the story of a normal student who just happens to go to a school full of kid-lit jokes.  One kid finds out he is a wizard and goes to wizard school.  Another is the son of the Norse god Thor, but has to go to school until summer when he can go to god came.  One girl sprouts wings and goes off to fairy school and another girl becomes cheetah girl.  It was great fun when a newbie bad guys shows up wearing an Iron Man suit.   I laughed out loud a few times as we read in class last Thursday.

I also enjoyed A Fist Full of Feathers, by David Yoo and What? You Think You Had It Rough? by Christopher Paul Curtis.  Scieszka and DiCamillo teamed up for a funny letter exchanging story that ends with a heartwarming message, but starts with a great perfunctory letter.  Look that word up lads!

I am also now very close to finishing The 39 Clues.  I am page 288 of a book with 326 pages.  This is high climax both for the book and for the series.  It is getting to the point where I need to know how it will end.  The hunters are starting to work together and Isabel Kabra is making life very difficult for everyone, even her own children.  Great book and a great series that will now live on with the next series Cahills versus Vespers.

Wow!!!  What a long post.  I hope you enjoyed the news.

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2 thoughts on “Latest Reads from Mr. H

    this following comment does not have to do with anything with this blog, but it is still awesome…
    On my school’s “daily news”, (we don’t have it at SMS, and I think the idea of the”school daily news” is dumb up until now…) Rick Riordan is going to be on the news show! (Oh yeah, the news show just talks about what our lunch menu is going to be, it tells us where to go to sign up for clubs, etc etc…) We actually had a reporter from ABC news on the school’s “daily news show”, but I didn’t really care. The part that stinks is that I don’t think that he’s going to do anything special at our school except for that show…so no book signing for me.

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