Calling Guys Writers

Hey Guys,

I just received an email from our school librarian directing me to a local writing contest sponsored by our county library system.

Take a look at the flyer and see if you see what I did.


First of all this contest looks strangely skewed toward female writers.  That was probably not intentional, but I’m guessing most guys would not look twice at the flyer.

Second, this is a contest for 12-18 year old kids and the girl in the picture is sporting a pretty big tattoo on her shoulder.  I guess she could get a tattoo at 18, but again an interesting choice for a county library system.

So lads who cares what the prizes may be, I feel like we have an obligation to flood this contest with quality Guys Write style stories.  We’ve shared examples from the new GR: Funny Business book.  Show these librarian that guys do read and we also can write some good stories.  Come and see me if you need some help getting started or need some editing help.

HUZZAH Lads!!!

Mr. H



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