Happy Behemoth Day!!!

Hello alternate history aficionados,

A happy Behemoth day to you all.  Today is the day that Scott Westerfeld’s eagerly awaited new novel was released.  The book is Behemoth and it is the sequel to last year’s Leviathan.


I have been waiting to get my hands on this book ever since I finished the ARC that circulated the Guys Read ranks last month.  I wanted to see how the end papers turned out and how the finished book would be put together.  I can safely say that the end papers are grand, although creepy and the finished book is a marvel to hold.  I have read some reviews of the new American cover not fitting with the hardback cover of Leviathan, and I do see that.  The paperback covers go great together, but a cover without the face would have worked better for me on the hardback versions.

I stopped by my local inde seller this morning and was nervous when I saw that the front display shelf, which holds books of upcoming author visitors, showed Westerfled’s name next to a copy of Leviathan.  I thought maybe they didn’t have any copies for some very strange reason.  I ran into a similar problem when I stopped by for a copy of the new Guys Read: Funny Business book last month.  I was lucky to find a copy on the shelving carts and had a nice conversation with a few of the staffers about Westerfeld’s visit and how excited the lads from SMS Guys Read are.

Here are a couple of bad pictures of the end pages.  I have so many questions for Westerfeld or Keith Thompson about the meanings of the artwork.  Creepy though, right?

Interesting to say the least.  What thoughts do you have about the art work on the endpages? 

 That could be a post for tomorrow.

As you also know I have been reading I Am A Taxi by Deborah Ellis during my DEAR time each day.  I am tracked-out, but so is my first grader daughter.  To keep a schedule and honestly just to have some fun, we do about 20 minutes of reading a day during track-out and then we write for about 20 minutes.  We read and then talk about what we are each reading and then we write and share there as well.  Today she wrote about Ballet class and smirks when I share my writing about Guys Read.  “Silly old Guys Read again,” she says.

I am enjoying I Am A Taxi a great deal.  The story is full of great teachable moments about life in Bolivia and struggles that extremely poor nation and its people feel.  I’m getting near the half way point, but at this moment I’m not sure what the main problem is going to be.  Diego and his family has been in prison for four years for a drug offense they did not do, so getting out of jail might be part of it.  I also got a glimpse of a problem looming when a friend of Diego told him about an opportunity to make real money.  Diego and I both have guessed that means running drugs in some way.  I will keep you posted as I learn more about Diego’s plight in I Am A Taxi.

Enjoy Behemoth Day and Read On,

Mr. H


5 thoughts on “Happy Behemoth Day!!!

  1. Yes, they are creepy–AND they look remarkably like the old political cartoons from WWI.
    AND I’m still six shades of green with envy for you all getting Scott Westerfeld to visit! Hope you all have a great time.

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