Waiting For Westerfeld…TIME CHANGE

Hey Guys Read members,

I am at school today, Thursday, and just found out that our visit from Scott Westerfeld has been pushed back to 12:45.  The original time was 12:15.  I will be at school to meet him and students who are tracked out can hang out with me if you cannot change your ride arrangements.

Mr. Westerfeld will speak for about 45 minutes and then sign books afterwords.  I am book talking the books today with some 8th graders and am super excited for tomorrow.

Remember if you can’t make it post a question here and we will ask it for you and post the response soon.

See you all tomorrow,

Mr. H


One thought on “Waiting For Westerfeld…TIME CHANGE

  1. Questions:
    -Which beastie (or Clanker machine) did you enjoy creating the most?
    -What made you want to write a steampunk series? (Why isn’t it normal science fiction, or normal historical fiction, etc)
    -What is your favorite character?

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