SMS Guys Read Invades the Movies

Hey Readers,

Yesterday afternoon twelve SMS Guys Read members and one slightly unhinged teacher leader descended on a local movie theater for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one.

Most of the guys had already seen the movie, some at the IMAX, but had no problem meeting up to take a second helping.

You can see in the first picture our large and somewhat obnoxious sign.  We thought it would be a good rally point and help parents find us for the drop off.  The sign came out great and we all had a great time with the sign as we waited for the guys to arrive. 

When we all got in the nice lady who ripped our tickets looked a bit worried about our sign.  She asked me what I was to do with my sign.  I never thought that my silly sign would cause a fuss, but after getting past the usher the manager, with ear piece in, chased me to the theater and told me he would be happy to hold my sign, but I was not allowed to take the sign into the theater. 

They took my sign! 

 Can you belive that?  It certainly became a funny rally cry for us as we waited for the movie to start.

We decided that the back row would be the best place for 12 excited boys and one very excited teacher.  We camped out and enjoyed the great Potter film.

After the movie we rescued our sign and became quite a paparazzi hit in the lobby as we took a few pictures for the blog.  We talked about how we knew where the film would break, how we can’t wait for part two and most of all how we hate that snake!  Even after seeing the movie and knowing exactly what Nagini is going to do it still freaks us out.  I hate that snake…I can’t wait for that snake to get it in the end.

So have you seen the new HP movie?  What did you think?  Do you think they should have cut it into two movies?  Hit that comment button and let know what you are thinking.

Read On and Happy Thanksgiving…go read a book,

Mr. H


One thought on “SMS Guys Read Invades the Movies

  1. aww man…
    I really wish I was there.
    THAT IS AN AWESOME SIGN!!! I really wish that I could have seen you guys-maybe if I was going to the nearby Dollar Store, or actually wanting to see a movie at Beaver Creek…I Googled “guys read beaver creek cinemas” but unfortunately, nothing about the sign came out. I think you should keep the sign in your room…but then again, maybe some hooligans (I hate Iceland!!!) will mess with it.

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