One Crazy Meeting

Hello Readers,

On Wednesday the lads from Guys Read got together for our last meeting of 2010.  Not to worry we will be back in 2011 for more reading silliness, Guys Read will never die. 

Now I have held to some high energy and crazy meetings in my day.  The day we tried to make a nuclear mentos with six bottles of Coke, eight tubes of mentos and a school garbage can comes to mind.  I also reminded of the day that our Mockingjay books came in the mail during a meeting and the entire club sprinted the halls to the front office.  Those meetings were wild, but Wednesday’s meeting could have nearly topped those meetings.

Finally after a very long and painful wait we received an order of Bovril.  This Bovril stuff entered our lexicon through the great Steampunk adventures of Leviathan and Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld.  He was a guest at our school and we wanted to show our appreciation for his work so we planned to buy him a small jar of Bovril, which is the name of a small character in Behemoth and on a side note at beef extract that can be smeared on toast or made into a beef flavored hot drink.  Of course the stuff is not readily available in the USA so I ordered it from a company in England.  The parcel was lost in the mail and we didn’t get the Bovril in time for the Westerfeld visit. 

So to Mr. Scott Westerfeld your gift…

After doing some research on what this stuff really was we had to get enough to try it out for ourselves. 

We tried Bovril on crackers and then the famous beef tea.  It was quite a memorable experience.  I thought it tasted like thick soy sauce.  Many of the lads had to run to the bathroom or garbage cans.  A few just sat quietly and claimed that they thought it was “pretty good.”  A few others chickened out and never even tried.

The beef tea was pretty much just salty beef stock.  Kind of like drinking a soup with nothing interesting in it.  For a guy who has basically been a vegetarian for the last ten years this was and interesting experience.  We had great fun and we have a few video clips I will try to post in the next few days.  

If you are ever in the market for a crazy time, see if you can pick up a jar of Bovril and find a group of high-strung middle schoolers, mix the two and wait for the sparks to fly…

Read on young ones,

Mr. H


6 thoughts on “One Crazy Meeting

  1. Oh man, I forgot that you were a vegetarian, Mr. H!
    That kind of sounds gross, mixing a beef paste into hot water, but then again, mixing powder into water to make hot chocolate sounds pretty nasty too…
    You know…mixing powder into water to make it a dairy sounds kinda strange…haha, “strange case of origami yoda”….I miss those days.
    Oh yeah, just to say: There was a different cover for “Leviathan” at my school’s Scholastic book fair (Don’t worry-SMS is much better than Carnage!)(Oh yeah, my mom is planning for me to go back to SMS next year again!). It had a face on the cover! I couldn’t tell if it Deryn or Alek though…

  2. The bovril on crackers tasted like salty bad sausege. It was sticky and disgusting. When I ran to the water foutain to get the taste out of my mouth the water that went in then out turned brown. It stayed tuck in my molars for long time. Some people even threw up.

    Bovril tea tasted okay. It was better when it was hot and not when it was warm. It was salty bad sausege all over again. I still dumped it out.

    Bovril on craker score:-1000

    Bovril tea score: -700

  3. Mmmmm….cold. Time to warm up with a hot cup of Bovril!
    PS, there is always a little smiley face on the left hand corner of the wordpress webpage! It’s kinda creepy…

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