Reading Over Break…The Eagle of the Ninth

Hello Readers,

Tomorrow is our last day of school before we track out and take a well deserved extended break.  We will be out until the end of January.  Because of the longer break and because it could lead to another great field trip, SMS Guys Read embarked on a reading challenge.  Over the break we will all read The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff.

I chose The Eagle of the Ninth because I used it in the classroom a few years ago and I have a class set of the book.  That allowed me to hand  a copy to all of the guys at our last meeting (I still shutter to think about the Bovril).  I also happened across a picture in an entertainment magazine showing a Roman Legionnaire in a new movie called The Eagle.  That got me wondering if this new film was related the novel…it was.

A few weeks ago I saw the final movie trailer for The Eagle and got to thinking this would make a great field trip, we had such success with the Harry Potter field trip this could be equally cool if we all read the book.

We are all now reading the book, some of the lads are already finished others are taking their time.  The movie comes out on February 11, 2011, so we need to be finished reading by then. 

So until then we will post comments here on what we think about the book.  Think about favorite parts or characters.  Once we see the movie we will be able to have some great conversations about what was changed and what we liked and didn’t.

If you want to play along grab a copy and comment along with us.

I have read the book about eight times and it still is one of my favorites.  I love the battle scene at the beginning of the novel which has Marcus leading a cohort of Roman soldiers in a formation called Testudo or the tortoise.  Imagine a group of Roman soldiers running at you all hidden behind their shields!  It must have been a crazy sight.  That attack chapter also ends in a great way.  Check out page 43 for a wild ride!

I will post more of my favorites in the coming days.  Make sure you hit that comment button and let us know what you are thinking. 

Sean L…We would love to have you read along with us.  Get a copy and get involved.

Read on and have a great Winter Break,

Mr. H


4 thoughts on “Reading Over Break…The Eagle of the Ninth

  1. OK, I will DEFINITELY read along with you guys. In fact, I just requested it @ my local library right now. No body requested it too, so I will get it in a jiffy!

  2. When we get back to school at the end of January we will get a few guys on writing reviews of both the book and the new movie The Eagle, which comes out in February.
    -Mr. H

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