More On Awards and Our Newest Honor Idea

Hello Reading World,

Ms. Yingling added comment on yesterday’s post dealing with reading awards, thanks Ms. Y!

  She wrote…”I hardly ever use an award to sell a book.” and I think it is a good point. I love to talk about the Newbery Medal as it gets a lot of attention and I like to use that excitement, and the cool gold sticker, to turn students on to a book. As with any award there can only be one winner, which means many, many worthy losers. I would never say to a student you should read this book just because it has a gold or silver sticker on the front, but I do like to use the juice that comes with getting a reading award.

She also turned us on to a Newbery Honor book called the Heart of a Samurai. I saw the book yesterday and it looks cool. It reminded me of Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry and Samurai Shortstop by Alan Grants all rolled together.  Could be a cool book ,but unfortunately does not work within the formula for our new Guys Book Award as it was published in 2010.  I did a little research looking for a list of books to be published in 2011.  Maybe Ms. Yingling can help us out here, we need to know what books are coming out so we can get find the cool sounding guys books and get them read.

Sean, a SMS Guys Read member, commented last night as well and reminded us about Rick Riordan’s new Son of Neptune book coming out this year.  How could I forget about that???  I’m listening to The Lost Hero right now!

Can you think of any other books coming out this year that should get a chance from us.  We also need to think of a name for this award…I’m thinking the Sciezka Medal or the Dude Award.  Thoughts?

Read On,

Mr. H

ps I am a few chapters into Ship Breaker and it is an interesting read.  Makes you think about what might happen to us in the future if we keep on the consumption path we are on.


2 thoughts on “More On Awards and Our Newest Honor Idea

  1. Have your guys ever read Call It Courage? It’s one of my favorites and was the first book I reviewed. Your guys would really enjoy it. It’s a fast read but well worth a meeting. I did a book club on it once and have some materials and discussion questions, if you’d like them.

  2. Call it Courage is pretty good, but like I commented a few minutes ago, I am looking forward to “Horton Halfpott”. I don’t know what kind of book THAT would be, but it’s by Tom Angleberger! And Rick Riordan is making a new book!!!!??? Thanks for informing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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