Riordan Does It Again or The Lost Hero

Hello Readers,

I am now finished with my second book of 2011 and this one was a journey.  I checked out the digital audiobook of Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero back in December.  I was a little intimidated by the number of sections.  I transferred 14 sections on to my iPod and then discovered that each section was just over an hour in length.  I was going to be listening to this thing for a while.

I was excited for this new set of Half-Blood books from Riordan.  I loved the Percy Jackson series, but wasn’t completely in love with the Red Pyramid and the Egyptian series that he also started.  I think I need to give that series another try before the new book comes out in May.

The Lost Hero is a great book.  Riordan throws you right back into his world with the same excitement, adventure and humor we have all come to love.  The cool twist is that this time we don’t follow Percy and his friends on another adventure, but Percy does play an important role in his absence.  In this series we follow Jason, Piper and Leo.  Each is a half-blood and all have some interesting plot lines, but I found myself being most connected to Leo. Leo is a tinker, who is always moving and alway doing something with his hands.  Leo is funny, talented and an important part of the whole plot.  He also builds a giant mechanical dragon, he names Fetus.  The word Festus just happens to mean happy in Latin. Oh yeah he also makes a mean tofu burrito…My fave!!!

  When you read The Lost Hero you will be hit with the typical Riordan journey story, filled with all kinds of popular and obscure Greek Mythology.  The great thing about this series is that this time around instead of just hashing out more and more Greek myths, Riordan introduces the Roman Gods and how that works in his demigod world.  It opens another world of stories and introduces us to some really cool new characters.  I loved the idea of the wolf king wearing pelts and smelling like dead animals.  A great Guys Read image for you there.

On this journey you also get a great sampling of geography.  Something I think I took for granted in the Percy Jackson series.  It is fantastic how Riordan weaves interesting places into his stories.  In The Lost Hero we start the story at the Grand Canyon out over the new skywalk. Over the course of the story you will travel to Canada, Detroit, Chicago ( funny windy city wind god reference), Omaha (did you know that one of the riches men in the world lives in Omaha Nebraska?  In this story so does a king with a golden touch) and a few other places of interest.

I do think the book does have one little flaw.  A flaw that JK Rowling might have gotten herself into as her series progressed as well.  The Lost Hero is long!  I had days where I thought I was never going to finish.  I even got to the 13th section and thought I was at the end and then found out I had 45 more minutes to go.  For a young guy reading a book of that length, there might be some times of legging interest.  Some people might enjoy the longer story and even crave more, but found it to be a bit long and would have liked to see the book a little shorter and tighter.

So The Lost Hero is well worth a read.  It will keep those Percy fans happy and get you thinking about a new world of mythology.  Oh, yeah Riordan is also working on book two…The Son of Neptune right now.  It is due out in October.

Read on my friends,

Mr. H


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