13 Slightly Strange Words

Hey Readers,

The other day I emptied my iPod of all the audiobooks I had finished and filled her back up with five new adventures for my commute.  The first book I decided to listen to was 13 Words by Lemony SnicketIf you are not familiar with Snicket’s work you really need to get on board.  He is one of the smartest and funniest writers out there today.  Horseradish, The Composer is Dead and others are really great books that many students don’t give the proper attention.

13 Words is a short story in the same vein as The Composer is Dead.  It tells the story of a bird that is despondant.  From there Snicket takes us on a wild ride through 10 more words, some simple…Dog, Baby and some complex…panache and mezzo-soprano.

In the audiobook version a mezzo-soprano actually sings the song in a very operatic way toward the end of the story.  It was surprising and thrilling and hard to stay on the road at times.

13 Words will only take a few minutes of your life to read and enjoy, but those few minutes will be well spent in the company of a despondent bird and a dog who tries to cheer her up with cake and a hat.

Read on Friends,

Mr. H


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